No Machine Drills​

Nail drills could cause damage to the nail and can be extremely dangerous/painful, we have a no-drill policy for normal nail services. Even though all our staff are VTCT NVQ qualified in UK, we only use it when it’s absolutely necessary.

You can book our services online or over the phone. our specialist therapist will advise you on which removal technic and treatment would best for your nails.

GVS Nail Stations

Our Nail Stations

Our nail station filter systems developed by GVS are able to capture harmful fumes and dust that occur in the professional beauty environment. We’re the only beauty salon to use this technology in the whole of London.

Step 1 
Extracts all unpleasant orders, parasites, bacteria and viruses

Step 2
Stores all the particles inside the carbon filter

Step 3
Pumps in fresh air to the customer and nail technician leaving an orderless environment


Unforgettable Experience