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An Incredible Nails Experience

Our fully qualified staff with years of industry experience are here to provide you with a fully relaxing experience that will leave you in tranquillity using world-leading products that are vegan and toxic free filled with vitamins such as vitamin A, E, vitamin B5, vitamin D to help nail growth.

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OPI Natural Nail

  • Manicure – £20

  • Pedicure – £30

  • Natural Nail Polish – £11

  • Toe Nail Polish – £11

  • Manicure & Pedicure – £49

  • Add Russian Manicure – £5

OPI Gel Polish

  • OPI Gel Polish Hands – £22

  • OPI Gel Polish Feet – £22

  • OPI Gel Polish & Manicure – £27

  • OPI Gel Polish & Pedicure – £42

  • Add Russian Manicure – £5

BIAB Polish

  • BIAB Infill Gel Polish & Manicure – £33

  • BIAB Gel Polish & Manicure – £37

  • BIAB OPI Gel Polish & Pedicure – £52

  • Add Russian Manicure – £5

Milley Nails & Beauty

Nail Extensions

Get the length of your nails as your heart desires with our fully trained staff, from oval, almond to stiletto and many more. All our nail extensions include a manicure.

  • Acrylic / Poly Gel & OPI Gel Polish
    Acrylic / Poly Gel & OPI Gel Polish £37

    Acrylic Gel nail extension is a process that involves hard gel built on a natural nail and cured with UV light. The manicurist uses a nail tips, which is basically a sticker that goes under the free edge (the tip) of the nail, to extend the length of the nail.

    Full Set - £37
    In Fill With Manicure - £33

Nail Extensions

“The Look Your Nail Deserves”


Introducing OPI BIAB Manicure, featuring Builder in a Bottle—a specialized gel-like nail polish overlay designed to provide unmatched durability. This innovative formula applies seamlessly over your natural nails, creating a robust layer that resists chipping, ensuring your newly polished nails stay flawless. It functions much like traditional gel polish, but its thicker consistency guarantees a long-lasting finish. Say goodbye to worries about chips with this transformative nail solution!

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  • BIAB OPI Luxury Manicure (60 minutes)  
    Push back, File, Buff, Shape, Cuticle Cutting, Cut, Paint, Candle Wax With Light Massage.

    BIAB (Builder In A Bottle), Infill With Manicure £33
    BIAB (Builder In A Bottle), Full Set £37



  • BIAB OPI Luxury Pedicure (1 Hour 30 minutes) 
    Himalayan Salt Bath Foot Soak With Lemons With Exfoliating Scrub, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar For Antifungal Properties, Epsom Salts To Soothe & Relax Muscles, Push back, File, Buff, Shape, Cuticle Care, Cut, Heal Scrub, Paint, Massage With Candle Wax, Cream.

    BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) Pedicure £47

Pick & Mix


These are the specific treatments you can add to your treatment to enhance your manicure and pedicure, if you need any assistance or question

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